by Halahkuh



Blistering new single from halahkuh after 3 god damn years!


The frail will rise from the ashes

In a world so ruthless and fierce

I’ll be the one, the architect of destruction.

I have been the prey of my deceitful life

Been a victim of my own fate

Now no more I shall take it

This affliction has to go awayyy…

I am coming to take what is rightfully mine

Time to claim what I have lost to thee

*All these sufferings and pain*

There is no escape from this

It's time for you to feel the same.

Growing stronger day by day I wait

For Your failure and my promise to self

I will rise to your wretched demise

For what you sow is what you reap

No, you won't be spared

Your fate has been sealed.

Run, as I will come

To, crush your kingdom

Death, will come to you


No more i’m a prisoner

I’ll be your death enforcer

This is your final time

What's yours  will now be mine

No more I feel Indignant

No more I feel so weak

This is your final time

I am here to take what’s mine...


released July 22, 2017
Recorded at : Refractor Studios



all rights reserved


Halahkuh Pune, India

Halahkuh is a new sensation from Pune, India playing some of the most aggressive Death/Thrash music this country has heard.

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